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We are a production company located in Denver, Colorado.
We write, shoot, edit, direct and produce everything photo and video related

Who we are.

Dan Knudson Productions is AGILE and SCALEABLE. DKP utilizes a tight-knit alliance of creative professionals to scale video and photography production to meet clients expectations and budgets. Today's competitive market demands creativity and flexibility to succeed and DKP delivers.


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finished another great video project with Dan, and as always he brought his unique blend of professionalism, easygoing personality and technical precision to the project. He's got a gift for making us and our video/photo subjects feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition to being a great advance planner, Dan adds value through his insights on how best to conduct the shoot. He and I have traveled far and wide around the US, and worked locally on a full range of projects. They're always fun and productive.
-David Heitman


I'm at a loss for ideas for videos. We're so far ahead of the curve- we won the CRA project of the year because of the last vid. Our competitors run in fear from us because of the vid you made for our website. I mean wtf else can we do? You guys rock and regardless I'd love to continue workin with you.
-Chris Tulp


Just can’t thank you enough – yet again – for all the hard work, brain time, brain damage, miles on RJ’s, hours in LA traffic, 19 hour days, and all... A result every single bit as good as the original dream, or better. I showed a couple chapters to our CEO, CFO, CMO, et al, yesterday and they totally loved them. So much so, they jokingly said if the market thinks like the three interviewees, why aren’t we selling more? Can’t wait for the next project. If you can stand to look at them after staring at them on screen so long, please feel free to use any of them in your reel, website, etc. Also please let me know if you ever need new business references, etc – happy to sing your praises to anyone that’ll listen.
-Your biggest fans, Gogo"


has helped me produce dozens and dozens of videos for my Real Estate business. Dan has both immense technical knowledge, and also a powerful ability to bring creative solutions through direction, camera management, and editing to give me video and still photography work that truly sets me apart from my competition. Dan has an easy, confident, and friendly style that makes it easy for people to relax and give him what he needs when shooting. (I think secretly it's one of his strategies to make it easier on him when he's editing! 😉 ) I consider Dan an extremely valuable part of my business, and will continue to utilize Dan's talent and professional approach for years to come. My level of trust, and sense of Dan's integrity go a long way. I'd enthusiastically recommend Dan to anyone who needs any type of Videography or still Photography. Know this: if you can conceive it, Dan can produce it for you. You really need to meet this guy in person before you take another step with your next project to truly appreciate what he has to offer. Do yourself a favor, and get in touch with Dan right away.
-Zach Epps